wilderness medic facing a dental emergency ! where can you go for expedition dentistry?

WED is your free educational resource for expedition dentistry.

  • What is WED? Wilderness Expedition Dentistry (WED) is a branch of medicine that addresses prevention, assessment and management of accidents and emergencies associated with the orofacial region in remote settings, where definitive care is often days or weeks away.
  • WED website is a one stop resource for expedition medics & dentists. Preparing them to deal with dental emergencies in remote areas.
  • A source to download  hand outs and slides following our hands on wilderness dentistry workshops.
  • Dynamic tutorial videos to guide you in managing dental emergencies in austere environments.
  • Providing guidance on building up expedition dentistry kits .
  • WED comment box on each page provides a point of contact. Contact us freely, for help to solve emergencies associated with remote dentistry.
Expedition Dentistry Workshop. in Wales United Kingdom
Expedition Dentistry Workshop-PYB Wales UK

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