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Local anaesthesia lower jaw

Local anaesthesia upper jaw

Frustrating failure of dental anaesthesia

Why does it happen? Especially lower jaw nerve block.

Technique- Glass ionomer filling

This is the adhesive filling material that can be used to fix dental spints and chipped teeth. It requires no mechanical locking and sticks chemically to teeth.

Technique- IRM mixing & filling

This is the non adhesive filling material. Requires certain degree of mechanical locking and could have sedative properties useful in a deep filling. It is harder than CAVIT and requires mixing.

Avulsed tooth managment

Drainage of Dental Abscess


Dental Extraction

Expedition Dental Video - Extraction in an austere environment

Barrel Bandage

For Mandibular Stabilisation. Post Fracture, Jaw Dislocation reduction.

Bridal Wire

Mandibular Fracture Reduction & Fixation.

Ivy Loop Placement for Jaw Fracture

Jaw Wiring- Bridging wire

Expedition Dental Video - Mandible To Maxilla Jaw Wiring For Fracture Mandible. Using Bridging Wire Through Ivy Loop.

Nasal Packing

Anterior And Posterior Nasal Packing.

Jaw Joint
Dislocation Reduction

Techniques and after care.

More Videos

To come

WED will be constantly updating this page with current applicable Expedition Dental Videos.

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