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Expedition Dentistry for Medics


Guide to Expedition Dental Anaesthesia


Dental Extractions on Expeditions

Dental Problems and Emergencies of Trekkers

Career Focus: Expedition Dentistry

What Expedition Dentistry involves and what makes it so rewarding.

Dental Extraction In An Austere Wilderness Setting Using Improvised Equipment

Two Medics on a ship are placed in a situation where they have to do dental extractions on 2 crew members. Without the correct equipment. A credit to their improvisation and lateral thinking. An expedition dental article worthy to read.

Guide to Dental Trauma


Expedition Dentistry: Toothpastes


Guidance for Medical Provision for Wilderness Medicine

This article is a consensus of expert opinion.It aims to establish training and expectations for Remote Health Care Professionals around the Globe.

IRHC Competency & Training

This is for health practitioners working in remote Oil & Natural Gas. My contribution was towards the Dental Training & Dental Emergency Management

Special Operation Forces Dentistry by COL Robert D Harrington

This expedition dental article highlights and reviews an inexpensive, lightweight, highly portable dental system that allows the SOF medic to deliver vital dental services in the field.

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